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I can say without a doubt that this region is one of the most beautiful in Europe.this overlooked area has it all, from pristine beaches to untouched mountains, from cultural cities to archaeological parks — and for half of the cost of the most famous touristic destinations of western Europe

We strongly suggest you to visit the Balkans as soon as possible, before everyone finds out how gorgeous it is. Read our list of top eight towns to visit in this charming European region…(Tirana,Mangalam-Berat,Canyons of Osumi,Gjirokastra,Tropoje-Valbone,Dubrovnik, Zadar, Split, Kotor, Budva,Prizren, Ohrid……

Anyone who has visited the Balkan peninsula knows that there is no shortage of absolutely stunning places in the area. You will find something gorgeous and fascinating, whether you’re looking for nature, history, or culture. The mountainous terrain and the diverse,, history has given the region a wealth of options for any traveler. 


The Balkans are becoming the new place to be. As travel prices in Western Europe get higher more people are heading East to discover the beauty and culture of the Balkan Peninsula. While there is so much natural beauty on offer in the area (check out hiking in the Albanian Alps) the cities and towns also offer their own unique vibes and make great city break destinations.

Balkan Locations

Top Destinations



Tirana, the capital of Albania, is known for its colorful Ottoman-, Fascist- and Soviet-era architecture. Pastel buildings surround the city's focal point, Skanderbeg Square, which is named for its equestrian statue of a national hero. On the square's north end is the....



Prishtina is the capital and largest city of Kosovo. The city has a majority Albanian population, alongside other smaller communities.Pristina is the second-largest city in the world with a predominantly Albanian-speaking population, after Albania's capital....



Skopje is the capital
of the Republic of Macedonia, in the center
of the Balkan Peninsula. Over time it has experienced Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman rule.The Skopje Fortress,
or Kale, overlooking the river has defended the
city for centuries....



Kotor is a fortified
town on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, in a bay
near the limestone cliffs
of Mt. Lovćen. Characterized
by winding streets and squares, its medieval
old town has several Romanesque churches, including Kotor Cathedral...



Budva is a town in Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea.Former bishopric and present Latin Catholic.Part of the Budva Riviera, it's known for sandy beaches and nightlife. Budva is 2,500 years old, which makes it one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic coast....